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numa | Artol Rooms & Apartments
in Düsseldorf



Kaiserstraße 20
40479 Düsseldorf


Telefonnummer: +49 30 31196117




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Artol Rooms & Apartments: A travel accommodation with digital check-in, high-speed Wi-Fi, professional cleaning, fresh towels and toiletries, private kitchen/ kitchenette, digital concierge available.Artol is run via contactless technology, without physical human contact. Guests are provided with electronic door locks enabling self-check-in. To enhance your stay there is complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, professional cleaning, fresh towels and toiletries. Our guest experience team is available 24/7, providing support for any inquiries and helping guests plan their trip.


numa | Artol Rooms & Apartments, Kaiserstraße in Düsseldorf

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