Deep Silver X Rebirth: Home of Light von Deep Silver / in Computerspiele Produktbeschreibung Mac/PC, X Rebirth: Home of Light - Complete Edition Deep Silver X Rebirth: Home of Light
Plattform: Mac/PC
Genre: Simulation, ESRB-Bewertung: T (Jugendliche). Empfohlener Prozessor: Intel Core i5/i7, Empfohlener RAM: 8000 MB, Empfohlener hard disk Platz: 12 GB
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The X-series in a new light: "X Rebirth: Home of Light" contains the main game in version 4.0, the brand new expansion "Home of Light" and the add-on "The Teladi Outpost".

New areas, new enemies, new stations and new missions in the gigantic extensions enlarge the X-universe and its story in a new dimension.

in the distant future breaks in the X universe at a time of profound and irrevocable change. While the fate of the universe is still a mystery, new enemies take in their quest for power. The universe has never been hostile, but also hid never seen so many treasures to those looking for it's worth it. Embark on a treasure hunt, but remain always vigilant because the fate of the universe is in your hands ...
TRADE! A fully simulated economy in which every action has consequences. Any ship that you meet in space, has a real task. Holding freighters depend on to reach their goal, and their charge is missing at the destination, which makes prices rise. Supply and demand!
FIGHT! From small skirmishes to epic naval battles: fighting in the X-universe know no limit. Fights for the military, working for the police, was a lawless pirate or use your fighting force only for self-defense - you decide!
BUILD! Create your own empire! From trading stations on giant industrial complexes, farms or arms factories: Everything can be yours!
THINK! A comprehensive and fascinating history waiting to be discovered by you in its complex depth. You can decide when and how you actively eingreifst.
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